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St. Mark’s Episcopal School Academic Merit Scholarships.

2020-2021 Academic Year

Qualification Criteria:

One full-tuition Academic Merit Scholarship will be awarded to the student with the highest SSAT score. All students applying for scholarship must be either currently enrolled at St. Mark’s as a fifth-grade student or a prospective student who has been accepted into sixth-grade at St. Mark’s Episcopal School for the 2019-2020 academic year. If the student withdraws from St. Mark’s, the remainder of the academic merit scholarship award is forfeited immediately.

Current Students – Any current rising 6th grade student who would like to apply for the academic merit scholarship must register for and complete the SSAT test by the January 4, 2020 test date.

Prospective Students – Any prospective rising 6th grade student must complete and submit the Online Admission application by February 1, 2020 and must complete the SSAT by the January 4, 2020 test date. To proceed with the admission process, “Apply Today”.

We encourage current and prospective families to register their rising 6th grade student for the SSAT at St. Mark’s Episcopal School (School Code #6727) by visiting on any of the following dates:

• November 16, 2019
• December 14, 2019
• January 4, 2020

Once a student receives this award, maintaining the scholarship is contingent upon the student achieving Honor Roll or Head of School status every quarter throughout middle school and must exhibit exemplary behavior during his/her tenure.

For Additional Information:

Please contact Laura Minor, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at (954) 334-0149 or at

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