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St. Mark’s provides all students, some as young as 18 months, with a foundation in academics. The Early Childhood Program is a blend of Montessori and traditional learning that ignites discovery, exploration and curiosity and develops in each student the skills to succeed in preschool.

In Preschool, students begin to develop their academic talents in math, language arts, social studies and enrichment classes such as Spanish, art, music, library, physical education, computer and chapel.

New reading resources were added in 2014 to the curriculum for PK2-PK3 classes. Students in PK4 began a new reading language arts program, Little Treasures.

The Lower School Program provides students with the opportunity to start accelerated learning in math, language arts and Spanish and to participate in science labs as an enhancement to the science curriculum. The children are introduced to the keyboard, band instruments and choirs. Interdisciplinary projects highlight each student’s special skills and talents.

A new “My Math” curriculum was introduced in 2014 for students in grades K-6. The program is challenging, vocabulary rich, and designed to meet the needs of all learners. My Math has a wealth of online resources, including an online personal tutor for students in grades 3-5 that help with individual lessons. Other online resources include math adventure games for grades 1-5, eAssessment for grades K-5, and chapter review videos for grades K-5. My Math is part of ConnectEd, so students have their reading, science, and math online texts in one place.

The Middle School Program prepares students for high school through math and pre-algebra courses and our accelerated math curriculum allows some students to complete high school-level classes in Algebra I and Geometry.  In 2014, Students received new Glencoe Math texts in applications and concepts, pre-algebra, and algebra.

Each student receives instruction in language arts based on his or her reading level. Science classes consist of general science, earth science, life science and physical science, science fairs and the eighth-grade Egg Drop.

St. Mark’s partners with the Language Academy to offer conversational Spanish classes and the opportunity for students to excel in Spanish I and Spanish II. Through social studies, students explore American history, ancient civilization and civics. Students attend field trips to JA Biztown, Finance Park and Washington, D.C.

Religion classes and a community service program expose students to diverse cultures and develop service and leadership skills.

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