Early Childhood, Preschool and Kindergarten

McGee, Cynthia
McGee, CynthiaPK2
B.S. University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University
Evans, Laurie
Evans, LauriePK2 Assistant
Pangallo, Caren
Pangallo, CarenPK2
B.A. Florida Atlantic University
Boros, Jennifer
Boros, JenniferPK2 Assistant
DCF Childcare Certification
Fee, Patricia
Fee, PatriciaPK3
A.A. Early Childhood Education
B.A. Florida Atlantic University
Eriksson, Alicia
Eriksson, AliciaPK3 Assistant
DCF Childcare Certification
Garcia-Lavin, Elizabeth
Garcia-Lavin, Elizabeth PK3
B.A. Universidad Jose Maria Vargas, Caracus, Venezuela
Peck, Patrice
Peck, PatricePK3 Assistant
DCF Childcare Certification
Lang, Caroline
Lang, CarolinePK4
B.S. Florida State University
M.S. Florida State University
Watts, Karen
Watts, KarenPK4 Assistant
Weaver, Lindy
Weaver, LindyPK4
Sica, Samantha
Sica, SamanthaPK4 Assistant
DCF Childcare Certification
McCardle, Deborah
McCardle, DeborahKindergarten
B.S. Edinboro University
Eisenbeis, Geraldine
Eisenbeis, GeraldineKindergarten Assistant
B.A. Holy Family College
Hood, Jane
Hood, JaneKindergarten
B.A. University of Mississippi
O'Donnell, Stephanie
O'Donnell, StephanieKindergarten Assistant

Grades 1-4

Ostrow, Jamie
Ostrow, JamieGrade 1
B.S. Indiana University
Pequignot, Heather
Pequignot, HeatherGrade 1
B.S. Nova Southeastern University
Parkinson, Stacey
Parkinson, StaceyGrade 2
B.A. LaFayette College
Rickards, Colleen
Rickards, ColleenGrade 2
B.S. Florida Atlantic University
Hill-Rotavisky, Alesha
Hill-Rotavisky, AleshaGrade 3
B.S. Lancaster Bible College
M.S. Daemon College
Grabski, Tina
Grabski, TinaGrade 3
B.A. Florida Gulf Coast University
Friley, Kimberly
Friley, KimberlyGrade 4
B.S. Florida State University

Middle School Grades 5-8

Coldiron, Susan
Coldiron, SusanGrade 5 Math, Social Studies and Study Skills
B.A. Eastern Kentucky University
M.Ed. Northern Kentucky University
Brecker, Craig
Brecker, CraigGrade 7/8 Pre-Algebra and Algebra
B.S. University of Michigan
Cruz-Pissardo, Renata
Cruz-Pissardo, RenataGeometry Grade 8
Math Grade 6/7
Robotics Grades 6-8
B.S. University of Sao Paulo
Frennesson, Susan
Frennesson, SusanSocial Studies Grade 6
Middle School Learning Resource Teacher
M.A. John Hopkins University
Gillespie, Amy
Gillespie, AmyDepartment Chair, Language Arts
Grade 6 Language Arts
B.A. Towson University
Harless, Ray
Harless, RayGrades 7-8 Language Arts
B.A. Flagler College
M.A. Grand Canyon University
TESOL Certification
James, Robert
James, RobertGrades 7/8 Language Arts
B.A. Blackburn College
M.S. Texas A&M University
Moon-Fraser, Lauren
Moon-Fraser, LaurenGrade 7/8 Science
B.S. University of Tampa
Serro, Anthony
Serro, AnthonyGrade 7/8 Social Studies
B.A. Universidad Garcilaso de la Vega
M.Ed. University of Alabama
Spinogatti, Nick
Spinogatti, NickLanguage Arts Grade 5/6
B.S. University of Pittsburg
M.S. University of Pittsburg
Stevens, Kathleen
Stevens, KathleenScience Grade 6
Math Grade 6
Robotics and Engineering
B.S. University of Georgia
Verburg, Jackie
Verburg, JackieScience Grade 5
Robotics K-5
B.S. Florida Institute of Technology
M.Ed. Florida Atlantic University


Andris, Jessy
Andris, JessyLower School Music/Middle School Band
B.M.E. Florida State University
M.A. New York University
Cowley, Marie
Cowley, MarieLower School Music/Middle School Choirs
B.M. University of Miami
Gauthier, Helen
Gauthier, HelenArt K - 8
B.A. St. Mary's College
Harless, Ray
Harless, RayGrade 5 Spanish
B.A. Flagler College
M.A. Grand Canyon University
TESOL Certification
Hill, James
Hill, JamesPhysical Education
B.S. Florida Atlantic University
LeVine, Maria
LeVine, MariaSpanish Teacher PK2 - Grade 4
B.A. National University of Colombia
Neville, Robyn Rev.
Neville, Robyn Rev.Religion
B.A. College of William and Mary
M.S. Divinity Virginia Theological Seminary
M.Div. Harvard Divinity School
Pereyra, Octavia
Pereyra, OctaviaMiddle School Spanish
B.A. Universidad Garcilaso de la Vega
M.Ed.University of Alabama
Young, Laura
Young, LauraLower School Religion
B.S. Florida State University
M.S. Florida State University