Back to School Tips

Back to School. Hooray! Or is it? With the start of the new school year, as parents we seem to be filled with mixed emotions. A return to routine, school friends, and new classes have us excited with anticipation for the new school year. On the other hand, there always seems to be stress and adjustment to the logistics of the new school year, ranging from bedtime to school supplies.  A few helpful hints are always good to remind us that we can make the transition back to school easy and fun for both you and your child(ren).


  1. Slowly start acclimating to the new schedule. I always see my students on the first and second day of school looking tired and sleepy. It is the product of a new schedule, but this can be partially avoided. A helpful hint is to start a week earlier than when school begins and slowly wake up your child a few minutes earlier each day, to get closer to their actual school wake-up time. This allows your child to acclimate slowly rather than asking them to change their wake-up time all at a once.
  2. School Supplies. Why wait until after school starts to get supplies. With online purchasing and store pickup you can shop ahead. A helpful hint is to shop online and arrange a store pickup. If there is anything that you forgot or needs to be returned, you are there already and can avoid the last minute rush of buyers who need a full a set of supplies.
  3. Start Talking about Organizing Schedules. One of the biggest hurdles to starting a new school year is organization.  Ask your child how they think they are going to organize themselves for the school year. This gets them on the right track to prepare mentally for the return of school. A helpful hint is to have your child(ren) make a plan with you about how they can organize themselves. This might include setting their school clothes out the night before or managing their time between activities, family time, and academics.

Returning to school is always a transition for both you as parents and for your child(ren).  Preparing ahead of time and making small adjustments will allow for a smoother transition and a happy start to what hopefully will be a bright and fun school year.

Written by : Dr. Spence Taintor, Head of School

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