St. Mark’s & The UpCycle Project Team Up to Recycle Old Uniforms!

The UpCycle Project is a platform that encourages creatives, designers, and students to rethink the wastage that is created by the fashion industry through re-using or ‘upcycling’ textiles and garments that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.

In efforts to implement circular solutions to reduce the textile waste that goes into the landfills every year, we have created a program to recycle school uniforms into functional textiles and extend the life of uniforms beyond school.

Our program guarantees that St. Mark’s crest and printed logos will be safe throughout the process and the uniforms will not enter the second-hand clothing market but rather be up-cycled into new yarn and re-enter  the market as a functional textiles into other industries.

They’ve made donating school uniforms as easy as drop off and pick up with bins conveniently located within the school.

The Upcycle Project bins can be found in the Administration and Main Office.

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