Dr. Kim Raby & Dynamic Chiropractic – SMES Community Partnership

Dr. Kim Raby, along with her practice, Dynamic Chiropractic, are extraordinary supporters of St. Mark’s Episcopal School. Dynamic Chiropractic is a Leo’s Friend Community Partnership level with St. Mark’s. Even more, Dr. Raby and her team invited St. Mark’s to partner with them to support the efforts of the Tunnels to Towers 5K. Dr. Raby and her husband, Justin Raby, are also proud SMES parents. We asked Dr. Raby why she chooses to continue to donate to St. Mark’s :


Why did you choose SMES for your family?

We initially chose SMES for our family because of the competitive academic curriculum.  We would, however, recommend SMES to other families because of the competitive academic curriculum AND the school’s continued commitment to each individual student’s abilities and talents.  Being a family at SMES is definitely an individualized experience.  There is nothing cookie cutter about it.


What is your favorite thing about SMES?

I love the school’s commitment to each student reaching their goals and striving for success.  The school acts as an example to teach the children that excellence is a standard that is worth working for by the examples and leadership of the administration and staff.


Why are you a Community Partner of SMES?

I began my experience with SMES as a Community Partner to reach out into my community to let people know more about my office.  The team over at SMES embraced us and truly made us feel like part of their family.  Our experience quickly became about being a part of something much bigger than we expected.


Why has your family chosen to volunteer & donate to SMES?

I not only believe in, but also live my life, with the philosophy that it is important to give back to groups and communities that have lifted you up at one point or another.  SMES has given our daughter and our family an amazing experience.  Therefore, it just made sense to give back to them.


What would you like the SMES Community to know about your company?

Just like SMES is a family and community based organization, so are we.  Dynamic Chiropractic is one of the few family corrective care chiropractic offices in the area.  We not only try to help you “feel” better, we go the extra mile and figure out the “why” behind your health concerns and problems.  We have found that you get better long term results when the true cause of the problem is addressed as opposed to masking the pain so you can just temporarily feel better.

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