2018 Teacher of the Year Awards

Each year, St. Mark’s honors one Lower School teacher, one Middle School teacher and one Teacher Assistant with the “Teacher of the Year” award.  This year’s awards could not go to people more deserving.  We thank you for your years of dedication to our school, students and families.









Lower School Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Colleen Rickards has been a teacher for 17 years, 11 of them at St. Mark’s. Her loving and caring nature is apparent with her young students as she challenges them to achieve their goals and inspires them to reach their maximum potential every day. Known for personalizing instructions for each of her students, she differentiates her lessons to meet individual needs. She fills her poster boards with lots of student writing and displays a love of learning with a passion for teaching. Colleen is not a stranger to St. Mark’s in the summer, either. She is a cabin leader and drives the camp bus each year at summer camp. Congratulations, Mrs. Rickards!









Middle School Teacher of the Year

Mr. Tony Serro has been a teacher for over 40 years, 13 of them at St. Mark’s. He doesn’t only teach Social Studies from the textbook, he’s also lived through important parts of history and intrigues students with his stories. Aside from Social Studies, he also teaches finance and budgeting—so well that his teams of students always win the Stock Challenge. On top of being a teacher, Mr. Serro is also the Middle School Student Council Advisor. His students enjoy the life lessons they learn from him and appreciate his support as their biggest fan at sports and concert events. Congratulations, Mr. Serro!









Teacher Assistant of the Year

Mrs. Karen Watts has been assisting teachers for over 20 years at St. Mark’s and very instrumental in molding our young children through her tender loving nature. She is always willing to extend a kind hand to assist her teacher and children in all areas including academics. Over the years she has been an assistant to Mrs. McCardle and Mrs. Russo-Bischoff. This year she worked side by side PK4 teacher Ms. Caroline Lang and is an inspiration to her students each day. Congratulations, Mrs. Watts!

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