St. Mark’s Hosting Baylor School’s Association Director of Admissions

On Thursday, September 28th, St. Mark’s will welcome Jordan Clarke, the Associate Director of Boarding Admissions at the Baylor School.  Located in Chattanooga, Tennesse, the school has gained a reputation for being the best boarding in the country.  In addition to offering an incredible high school program, the school offers many unique summer programs that our St. Mark’s family may be interested in participating in.

Those interested in learning more can attend Mr. Clarke’s presentation from 8:05-8:30 a.m. on September 28th in the multi-purpose room.  It is open to all students and parents.

Additionally, below are some answers to common questions you may have.


Q: What are the benefits of boarding school especially for high school students?

A:  Boarding school gives high school students a jumpstart on the college experience by teaching them independence and the many character traits that come with it: persistence, tolerance and fair play among them. Students learn to manage their time and to be members of a close community.


Q:   What are some of the best summer [boarding] programs Baylor offers and what ages do each of the programs serve?

A:   Camp Walkabout builds on Baylor’s rich tradition of experiential education, offering students ages 11 to 16 two weeks in the rivers, woods, lakes, mountains and caves that surround our campus.

Camp BizSmart is for aspiring entrepreneurs, ages 11 to 15. Campers compete by studying business cases and then building their own business plans to address a particular challenge.


Q:   What do Baylor parents say about how boarding school has impacted their child?

A:    A couple of comments from current Baylor parents:

“Baylor school is special in every sense. A stunning campus situated on the side of the Tennessee River provides an environment that values a longstanding honor code, superior academics and sports, and an infectious sense of citizenship.” – Miles Marks ’86, father of Miles, Jr. ‘18

”We appreciate the sense of caring and family that permeates throughout the entire campus. There is a great support system with the dorm parents and residential life staff. We knew she would be cared for, challenged and respected in a way that any parent would want for their child.” – Wendy Steck, mother of Julie ‘18


Q:   What type of student is a good match for Baylor?

A:    Baylor firmly believes in the need to balance the curricular with the co-curricular, so we look for students who are well-prepared to attack the academic rigor of the classroom while also being committed to participating outside it. We also look for students who care about others and the world around them as directed by our mission statement.


Q:   What distinguishes Baylor from other boarding schools?

A:    Baylor is co-educational – we feel students do their best work when positioned in this real-world setting. The 690-acre campus on the banks of the Tennessee River really must to be seen to be fully appreciated. The faculty is a rich combination of experience and innovation. And the Baylor school spirit fuels every classroom, every activity, every dorm, every day.


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