A Message From Dr. Rotella

    Dear Parents, As we come to the end of the quarter, we celebrate the successes of our students for their academic achievements, exemplary behavior and service and leadership. It was an honor and pleasure this week to see so many students attaining Honor Roll and Head of School’s List. They were commended for their hard work, effortand dedication to their studies, sports, music and service activities. We are very proud of our students! Our teachers are shining, as well, introducing very exciting activities and lessons in the classroom. This week I would like to highlight our fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Coldiron. Mrs. Coldiron is the mother of three sons and became a grandmother this past summer. She is a veteran teacher from Lexington, Kentucky and moved to South Florida with her husband Jerry eleven years ago. Mrs. Coldiron has taught every academic subject. Most recently, her fifth grade social studies classes have been learning about culture, geography and archeology during the Ice Age. Their lessons have included culture posters, comparing and contrasting cultures from Native American history to cultures today. The culminating lesson for the students was an activity where students dug out chips from their chocolate chip cookies as an example of how archeologist’s digs and findings allow them to understand the cultures of the past. Mrs. Coldiron’s theme for her class this year is a space theme with a rocket center and hanging next to it, the original article from the Cincinatti Enquirer with a picture of Neil Armstrong titled Eagle Lands, Astronauts Take Lunar Walk. As a young high school student myself, I vividly remember that day and the joy and excitement it brought to our country as Neil Armstrong spoke some of the most famous words in the history of mankind, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  As Mrs. Coldiron’s students learn more about their world and beyond, her hope for them is to become inspired by the leaders of the past, as they strive to become the leaders of tomorrow. Parents, thank you for your support and encouragement as we continue to enjoy each day with your children. Warm regards, Kitty Rotella, Ed.D Principal  

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