Donor Profile: Terry Stiles on his Long-Term Commitment to St. Mark’s

Terry Stiles is Chairman and CEO of Stiles, a full-service real estate development company based in Fort Lauderdale.  His son Ken, who is currently serving as Co-CEO of Stiles, is a graduate of St. Mark’s, and Terry’s daughters, Tresa Hernandez and Carrie Tidwell, have their children currently enrolled at the school.

We asked him about his long-term commitment to our school and participation in the Annual Fund.


Q: Why did you choose St. Mark’s for your family?

A: We wanted a school that provided a faith-based, loving, and nurturing educational environment for our son Ken to grow up in. We have now been involved with St. Marks for almost 30 years and the school has continued to live up to what we felt was important to not only Ken, but now our four grandchildren.

Q: What is your favorite thing about St. Mark’s?

A: The caring attitude of the staff and teachers.  Everyone was always incredibly attentive and involved.

Q: What do your children and grandchildren say about the impact St. Mark’s had on them?

A: It has been an extremely positive experience.  I’ve never heard a discouraging word spoken by the kids or their parents.

Q: Why do you donate to the Annual Fund?

A: I think that St. Mark’s is important to not only our children but also to our community. St. Mark’s is a huge asset to the growth of our city. Education is one of the key factors that companies look at when determining where they want to be located. St. Mark’s always scores high when compared to other institutions and other locations.

Q: What would you want prospective families to know about the school?

A: That St. Mark’s provides a safe, loving, caring and top-notch educational experience for their children. It establishes a strong base for children to go forward and prosper as productive people in our society.

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